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Silicone products

OEM products, can not be presented in the official website of the MaoYi, the following products are for reference only!
 3C products / wear silicone: waterproof shockproof hard drive cases, USB cases, mobile phone cases, mobile phone holder, safeguarding whistle, sports strap.
* Kitchenware / stationery: cup lid, luggage tag, ID cases, dolls, pen holder, door stalls, microphone accessories.
* Industrial supplies: waterproof ring, mechanical pads, printer scraper, lead print, industrial computer keyboard ....
* Clothing: silicone zipper head, BRA, clothing accessories.
* Own brand: phone sets, luggage tag, ID cases
Company Name:Tech-Key Rubber Co. Ltd
Country/Region:Taiwan,New Taipei
Address:No.22, Ln. 57, Dongshun St., Shulin Dist, New Taipei,Taiwan
Zip/Post Code:23850
Contact Person:Julie Yang

Tech-Key Rubber Co., Ltd.

Superior technology: Multi-color silicone, natural molding, curved surface with multi-color, micro injection. Dedicated in producing and developing high-end technologies, with successful experience, we are professional and leader in the field.

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